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Simplified Ribbon is now available in Excel for the web

We are excited to announce that the Simplified Ribbon is now Generally Available in Excel for the web.

The Simplified Ribbon has a refreshed modern design which makes it easy to use while retaining all the functionality and power of the classic Excel Ribbon. Going forward both the Simplified and Classic ribbon are available, and you can choose your preferred experience with a single click.


Switching to the Simplified Ribbon

You can use the “Simplified Ribbon” toggle button at the top right corner of the app to switch between the Simplified and Classic ribbon.





Using the Simplified Ribbon

The Simplified Ribbon shows the commands in a single line which not only brings a modern interface to Excel for the web but also frees up space to show more rows of data on the grid. However, this means there is less space available and all the buttons from the Classic ribbon might not be visible.


If you do not see a command on the Simplified Ribbon, please try the following:


  • Similar commands are grouped together in the Simplified Ribbon.
  • For e.g., all the buttons of the Alignment group in the Home Tab are grouped together as shown below. You can click on the downward arrow beside the “Align Text Left” button to access the other alignment options.



There are several such groups of related commands across the Simplified Ribbon.


  • Depending on the width of your screen some commands may be collapsed into More Options menu represented by ellipses: Picture2.png. The ellipses will be available at the end of the ribbon on the right of your screen. Click on the ellipses to see the remaining commands which did not fit on your screen. Here is an example:
  • Picture3.png

  • Type the command you need in the Tell me what you want to do box at the top of your screen. Excel will show you the command and help on using it. Here is an example on searching for commands related to indent.


  • Picture4.png



If you have any feedback or suggestions go to Help Tab > Feedback, and then select I like something, I don’t like something or I have a suggestion.


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