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New data types and smart templates powered by Wolfram are now generally available

Microsoft has partnered with Wolfram to provide new data types, and we are excited to announce their availability in English! Getting reliable data from trusted online data sources into your Excel workbook on subjects like cities, foods, animals, constellations, and more, has never been easier. With linked data types, you can insert and work with rich, interesting facts and data on numerous topics that you can use and refresh—all without leaving Excel.


Note: Linked data types powered by Wolfram are currently only available to those with a Microsoft 365 Family or Personal subscriptions, or a A1 client, A3 or A5 EDU subscriptions and the English editing language added to your Office Language Preferences. See When do I get the newest features for Microsoft 365? – Office Support to make sure you’re getting the latest updates.


To help you get started, we’ve built a number of new smart templates on a wide range of subjects. Whether you’re comparing colleges, tracking your nutrition goals, or relocating to a new city, these smart templates help with some of life’s goals and give you a glimpse into the possibilities with data types. Organize and track what matters to you, combine data types with Excel functionalities, and customize these templates to suit your needs. Read below to learn about our 9 data type smart templates, and stay tuned for more on the way.


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Nutrition tracker.png


Try the Nutrition tracker 


Set personal dietary or nutrition goals, track the foods you eat, and calculate calories, carbs, proteins, and fats in your food. No need to sort through a bunch of websites to collect and compare dietary information. Simply enter food into this smart template and get instant nutritional value in seconds. Create a meal plan or food diary, track your macros, set goals, and more with this nutrition tracker powered by Wolfram.


Recipe nutrition calculator.png


Try the Recipe nutrition calculator 


Knowing what’s in your meals is an important part of a balanced diet. Enter recipes and ingredients to calculate recipe calories, fats, proteins, carbs, and other nutritional data. Whether you’re looking for a calorie counter or healthy recipes, interested in ingredient swaps to maximize your nutrition benefits, or creating a meal plan, maintain a balanced diet with this nutrient calculator powered by Wolfram.


Big decisions


US relocation helper.png


Try the US relocation helper 


Need to move for a job, school, or retirement? This relocation smart template can help you through the entire process of moving to a new city. Starting from comparing a city or town’s cost of living, city population, and household income, to planning your move week-by-week, have peace of mind that all factors have been considered and nothing forgotten as you prepare for your next big adventure. This US relocation helper has refreshable data powered by Wolfram.


US college decision helper.png


Try the US college decision helper 


It’s a daunting process, but you can get the help you need to choose a college in the United States with this smart template. Learn about the colleges you’re interested in, then compare colleges on tuition, financial aid, and student demographics to narrow down your choices. Track your college applications and use the handy checklist to make sure you’ve sent SAT scores, recommendation letters, and anything else that’s required. The refreshable data in this smart template is powered by Wolfram.


Baby name finder.png


Try the Baby name finder 


Whether you’re looking for a unique baby name or researching a family favorite, this smart template can help you find the perfect name for a child. Enter a name in the workbook and get instant meanings of names, famous people with that name, US naming statistics over time, popularity, and more with this baby names tracker powered by Wolfram.




Movie tracker.png


Try the Movie tracker 


Take movie nights to the next level. Create a movie list of good movies to watch and easily view a dashboard based on your favorite genres, actors, or directors. Rate movies you’ve watched and track your collection to power your movie streaming with this smart template powered by Wolfram.




Planets and comets.png


Try the Planets and comets template 


Learn all about our planetary neighbors in the Solar System. Compare planets and their statistics, and get fun planetary facts. Refresh your workbook to track the current location of planets and comets. See a star chart of planets in the Solar System to find which ones might be visible or passing by in your night sky. With this smart template powered by Wolfram, easily learn all about comets and planets in the Solar System.


Stars and constellations.png


Try the Stars and constellations template 


Dive into astronomy and explore the celestial bodies around you. Add and compare stars, explore more about constellations, and refresh the workbook to track the location of stars in your night sky. Whether you’re an amateur astronomer setting up your telescope or just curious about constellations, this smart template powered by Wolfram can help you reach the stars.


Periodic table.png


Try the Periodic table template 


Whether you’re looking for an intro to chemistry or you’re helping with homework, discover the fundamentals of chemistry with this interactive periodic table. Easily get elemental and chemical properties, explore compounds, view and compare diagrams, and more. Build your knowledge on the periodic table of the elements with this smart template powered by Wolfram.


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